14 Albums Set to be Dedicated - Evangel Records of ECWA

The Evangel Arts of ECWA with the support of the ECWA EXECUTIVE is one major way and source we have been empowering the youths in our ministry and because of the mass number of our talented youths; we use less to generate more in terms of content Evangel Arts is gaining the required attention and we propose that all Church Bands and Drama Groups in ECWA find what we do useful and join in the move that would expose them to a more proficient way of approaching their acts and give their advances relevance and announce their style of spreading the gospel to the world.

The Evangel Arts of ECWA is set to dedicate

14 Albums (10 composed & 4 Hymns) to be dedicated at the 2021 ECWA INTERNATIONAL PASTORS CONFERENCE by the ECWA Executive in December to the glory of our Almighty God.

You can find details of the Albums by of each art from the Evangel Records of ECWA.


You can ask your local church Pastor(s) to get you copies during the conference as digital versions are yet to be released (No date yet)