The DCC Executives, Christian Education Organizer, Past DYC Executives, Present DYC Executives (my colleagues), LYC Executives, LYF Executives, Blessed Beyond Curse Youth Fellowship Members of our DYC, Brethren.


I bring greetings to all of us on behalf of the GDYC Executives in the Precious Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Our appreciation goes to God for the successful International Week of Prayers and also the New Month He has again granted us to fulfill our call and mandate here on earth and in turn glorify Him. A happy new Month to all of us!

We want to appreciate Tasha LYC, Idu-Gbagyi LYC, Garki LYC, Gwarinpa LYC, NyanyaLYC,KuruduLYCandOrozoLYCfor opening the door to your LYCs for our Visitation during the Week of Prayers. We remain grateful for your sacrifice and your labour of love. God bless and prosper you in Jesus Name.

2022 Youth International Week of Prayers

Without doubt we believe that every one of us was blessed during the just concluded Week of Prayers. We call on every one of us leaders and members to ensure we put in practice or rather act on the instructions the Lord put in our hearts during this auspicious and indelible Week of Prayers.

Remember, "How you respond to the Word determines the result you will get." Nothing happens on its own everything happens in response to action.

Sometimes, we pray and study hard but we end up thrusting back to God our responsibilities. We push to Him what we are supposed to do. We shouldn't forget that God will not do what we are supposed to do. He has done His own part; it is now left for us to do our own. Practice what you learnt and be sure of a guaranteed positive outcome in Jesus Name.

2022 Garki DYC Conference

At this juncture, be reminded that our Conference Registration will close next Week Sunday 7th August, 2022. There will be NO extension; therefore ensure you register yourself and others and stay ready to attend the Conference.

Our Conference date is 8th - 11th September, 2022 @NYSC Camp Kubwa FCT- Abuja.

Let us not forget the Six Thousand Naira Commitment which each LYF, LYC as well as DYC Executives are to pay for the Conference. Kindly, reach the Finance Unit of the DYC and pay appropriately.

We are not unaware of security challenges in our country; in this regard the committee is working hard to ensure that our Conference is secured - to this length there would be armed Security Personnel and The Boys Brigade throughout our stay to secure the place. Most of it all, our God, the Omnipresent (invisible yet invincible), the Chief Security, General Commander of Heaven's Army, Whom without nothing exists will be there before, during and after our Conference.

With these we want everyone to prepare for the Conference confidently and with assurance that we would be fine and no evil will befall us in Jesus Name.

During this year's Conference there would be Send-Forth in honor of our brethren who served at the DYC namely Bro. Evans Jesu (Outgone Leader), Bro. Solomon Afah (Outgone Assistant Secretary), and Sis. Mercy Matthew D. (Outgone Financial Secretary). Please, do well to plan as the Lord leads you for their befitting Send- Forth. Do not forget that “…the labourer is worthy of his wages…” Luke 10:7

DYC Council Meeting

On 20th of August, our Council Meeting will hold by 9am at the DCC SECRETARIAT Apo. Don't miss it as crucial issues will be discussed and addressed.

Ensure you come along with the following:

  1. Second quarter report and hard copy of EYF International Week of Prayer report.

  2. Yearly Levy.

  3. Conference Commitment as mentioned above N6,000 per LYF, LYC and N12,000 for the DYC.

  4. International Week of Prayers Remittance N500.

  5. KENTEX Investment fund as addressed on page 2 of the International Leader's Speech of 2022 Week of Prayers. N1,000 per LYF leader, N3,000 for each LYC leaders and N5,000 per DYC executives.

EYF International/Zonal Programs

By God’s grace the EYF International Consultative Meeting is holding on 4th