Life is getting back some 'normalcy' in Nigeria and around the world. Do not be deceived though. The journey is not going to be as normal as many assume.

Let us assume that things will get back to what it used to be. We still have a lot to think about. To get there, you have to first survive here.


First, you need to rethink any business model that could not survive or thrive in the lock down.

You then need to ask yourself, if you should continue in that line or with the same strategies going forward.


I thought we were in a digital world and didn't need a lot of physical meet to cut deals?

Lockdown and everything Covid simply sent each business or business owner a memo:

You are either "Digital" or "Analog" or somewhere between.

Many of us found that if things took a turn against what we know for normal, our lives will drastically take a hit.


So, smart thinking will ask a few questions:

Can I make adjustments to my current business model to profitably withstand normal and abnormal (using the covid lockdown as alternative to normal) changes in the world?

Can I think up other sources of income aside my regular business or work and diversify my expectations of earning?

️Do I need to altogether abandon a business that may never thrive again even after Covid issues because of the dynamic changes that the world will proceed with as new normal?

️Are there opportunities for taking new territories of businesses or profitability because of the dynamic changes in our world today?

Have I even studied the whole situation to have a well formed view of realities in the transactional space or I am limited to the endless expectation of 'when things get back to normal'?


Now, add faith to all that because the just shall live by it.

So, your active thinking and planning (led by the Spirit who we should acknowledge in "all our ways") is the work put to your faith.

Don't lazy around hoping things will get better and okay. It won't without your taking the opportunities God has made freely available to you.


Today is September 2.

The year isn't waiting, don't wait.

Ocholi Okutepa