Don’t stand in God’s way – Be warned!

When God moves in revival blaze, no one can stand against Him – be warned! No one can stand against God!

We must be all open to the work, guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives, families and churches and be absolutely surrendered to be used of the Lord Holy Spirit as God pleases in the coming revival!

Tommy Tenney in his book ‘The God Chasers’ expounds on the vision of Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 47, of the flowing river from God’s throne in the temple, commenting that the Prophet ended up in the flowing river that was over the head and he could not even cross. It was a river that was beyond the ability of the Prophet to navigate; an out of control river! He sees the flowing river as a depiction of an out of control revival! A revival that is not controlled by any person because it comes from God and is driven, directed and spread by God the Holy Spirit Himself. Let there be an out of control revival in Jesus name!

When the revival finally breaks out, those that surrender to the Holy Spirit for Him to use would have abundant joy and would be blessed here on earth and greatly rewarded when we shall all appear before the Lord on that day to receive our reward. Those that are indifferent would miss out in the joy, blessing here on earth and reward in eternity. Those that are opposed to the mighty move of the Holy Spirit would be overruled, set aside or removed out of the way as the case may be. You either would have to surrender and submit to Him or you would be crushed and consumed, for our "God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 12:29), but I pray that this fate would not befall any one of us in Jesus name.

I pray that as the Holy Spirit moves in great revival power, you would surrender to Him, be totally submissive to Him and be mightily used for the glory of His name!

Oh Lord, let the revival come in Jesus name! Amen.

Rev. Stephen Baba Panya

ECWA President

The Not by Might nor by Power but by My Spirit Series

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