ECA ZONAL PRAYER CELL - Wednesday 11th May 2022

All Zonal Prayer Cells are expected to meet today Wednesday 11th May 2022 in designated locations/homes at 5pm.

Text: Rev. 3:14-22

FOCUS: To caution believers against apathy towards God.

  1. Let's give praise and glory to the Lord who is The Amen - the "Yes"; the God of Truth and guarantor of God's promises and Ruler of God's creation-Jesus Christ..

  2. (a) Let us bring confession and repentance before God in all areas we failed in our walk with God; showed lack of zeal; failed to uphold truth; failed in our prayer life, study & meditation of the Word and insensitive to God in our lives. (b). Ask God to have mercy on the Church for failing to seek Him in prayers, Bible study, for murmuring and grumbling, divisions and emphasis on ceremonies.

  3. Let us pray that the Lord will not see us as wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, naked and walking in darkness BUT give us the grace to be zealous, vibrant and strong in HIM.

  4. (a). Pray that we all humble ourselves before the Lord and return to Him asking for the grace to regenerate our spirits, put on the righteousness of Christ and Spirit-illumined eyes of our hearts. (b). Pray that the Church drops its complacency and open the doors of our hearts and enjoy intimate fellowship with the Lord.

  5. Pray for Nigeria and individual members of your group.

  • Pray that God gives us the grace to go get our PVCs in readiness for the 2023 polls

  • Pray for the sick among us, the bereaved and for individual economic progress.

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