ECA ZONAL PRAYER CELL - Wednesday 13th July 2022

All Zonal Prayer Cells/Groups are expected to meet today Wednesday 13th July 2022 at 5pm in designated locations and homes.

TEXT: Rev 12:1-17

FOCUS: To draw the attention of Christians to the enemy's strategy and the Christian's Victory won by Jesus Christ for us.

1.a) Praise and thank God for Jesus Christ's Victory on the cross that brought us salvation.

b). Thank God for the dismissal of Satan from heaven and God's provision of His whole Armour to fight our battles.

2. Let's ask for forgiveness for not bringing ourselves under Christ's rulership and authority bcos of our disobedience and besetting sins that weigh us down.

3. Pray for all Christians (in the public & private sectors, governance and church leadership) to stay alert, be sober and conscious of Satan prowling about seeking for who to devour.

4. ■Thank God because we are more than conquerors.

■Ask the Holy Spirit to remind us always that Jesus Christ has won our spiritual battles.

■Pray therefore to be conscious of this victory over demonic forces or attacks that threaten us.

5. ●Pray that we all go get our PVCs.

●Pray for every member of your group/cell that the Lord will uphold each one, provide for us, heal the sick and comfort the bereaved amongst us.

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