ECA ZONAL PRAYER CELL - Wednesday 24th August 2022

All Zonal Prayer Cells/Groups are expected to meet today Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 5pm in designated locations and homes.

TEXT: Rev. 14:6-13.

FOCUS: The messages of God's angels.

1. Let us praise and worship God, giving glory to Him for He is a great God, the creator of the universe and mankind.

2. ●Let us bring repentance before the Lord for our idolatrous ways and behavior. We have resorted to worshipping or placed money (mammon), career, profession and man above God.

●Let us pray against all forms of cultism, idolatry, ritual killings and sexual sin that pervade our land today.

3.■ Let us pray that no child of God will deny his/her faith in the face of any type of persecution but maintains allegiance in Jesus Christ.

■Let us pray for unbelievers to repent and accept Christ so that we all escape the judgments to come in the great tribulation.

4. Pray that every Christian remains faithful, steadfast and strong in the Lord. In addition that we all carry the message of salvation everywhere we go.

5. ◇Pray for Nigeria, our leaders, both spiritual and in government.

◇Pray against violence in the coming elections and that God will guide us to choose the right leaders.

◇Pray for members of your group/Cell; those traveling or returning to school and the sick amongst us.

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