ECA ZONAL PRAYER CELL - Wednesday 27th April 2022

All Zonal Prayer Cells/Groups are expected to meet today Wednesday 27th April 2022 in designated locations/homes at 5 pm.

TEXT: Rev.1:7; Mark 16:14-15; Matt.28:18-20; Rev.7:9-10.

FOCUS: Spurring believers to let Jesus Christ be known and to gather nations for His second coming. 1. Thank God for Jesus who went to Calvary, died and rose for our sakes. Pray that soul winning becomes priority in our lives instead of being lawless rebels or using the gospel to promote ourselves or ministries. 2. Bring a prayer of repentance against sleeping and eating instead of preaching the good news. Ask God for forgiveness against unbelief and hardness of heart in obeying the Supreme command of making disciples. 3. Pray for the grace to make our work places, vocations and professions our pulpit to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ & populate the kingdom of God. 4. Pray against hindrances such as laziness, procrastination, pursuit of wealth, wrong use of the internet/social media, fear, lack of priority & time, and failure to be discipled - that hinder us to the call of missions. 5. Pray for Nigeria and members personal needs: a). Pray against emergence of evil and wrong candidates for 2023 elections. b). Pray against continued kidnapping, bandits, ritual killings and violence in the land. c). Pray for the health of members and those hospitalized, those that traveled and general well-being & prosperity of members.

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