ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 19th August, 2022


TEXT: 2 KINGS 23 : 15 - 27

King Josiah continued with his reformation of the Southern Kingdom, Judah, without slowing down. He did not favor some above others in the course of the ongoing revival. He purged Jerusalem of all that he considered to be impure and idolatrous, including removing and burning the bones of dead people he considered an abomination to the land.

In spite of this massive, very impressive, genuine repentance and purging of the land, God reminded them that "I will remove Judah also from my presence as I removed Israel, and I will reject Jerusalem, the city I chose, and this temple about which I said, "My name shall be there" (vs. 27). God explained that He will do this "because of all that Manasseh had done to arouse my anger (vs. 26).

In chapter 21, Manasseh's story showed that he led Judah into an unprecedented rebellion and idolatry second to none. He was the son King Hezekiah gave birth to when God added 15 more years to him because he prayed against God's will for his death. God concluded that such evil can only be wiped out through total cleansing of the land.


Do you know that God's righteous judgment is impartial?


I don't want to be the cause of people suffering the consequences of sin and evil, so help me to live above reproach, in Jesus name, Amen.

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