ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 19th February, 2021


TEXT: 2 TIMOTHY 1:7-11

Our devotion of 9 February centred on weighing the capacity of your fears. That devotion promoted the idea of believers craving reverential fear rather than that of danger and harm.

Speaking to us today, God says that we should not succumb to fear or timidity because we

have been imbued with the spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. For the purpose of clarity, the expression, spirit of power does not refer to the Holy Spirit. 'Spirit' in this context refers to 'grace'. That is, the grace to overcome fear and timidity. Next, the passage refers to the 'spirit of love', which means the grace to overcome fear and timidity through love. Finally, the passage refers to the spirit of self-discipline, which is the grace to be self-disciplined. In effect, God is saying that, in order for you to conquer your fears, you need power, love and self-discipline. The power required is not that of the world, which is used to suppress others. The love being referred to is not also that of the world, which is self-centred. The measure of grace given in these various areas is for the purpose of declaring the Gospel without shame as Paul eloquently puts it (vs. 8). This is a weekend of honour tor you as you fearlessly make Christ known to someone around you. Don't be timid to do it!


What intimidates you the most?


Lord, please embolden me for Your purpose. Bring someone my way with

whom to share the Gospel, in Jesus name, Amen.

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