ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 1st October 2021

TOPIC: SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN TEXT: NEHEMIAH 4:15-23 As we celebrate Nigeria’s independence today, take time to thank the Lord for keeping you abreast with the enemies of the gospel. Thank God for fighting our battles for us and ask Him for the kind of wisdom He gave Nehemiah. As leaders of families, churches and nations, there is the need to be much closer to God and be on the watch. The time to sleep with our two eyes closed has passed in Nigeria. In an effort to take the gospel to the hidden, know that the task is huge (vs. 19). We have the task of living out Christ and trusting Him to keep fighting for us. While He does that, ask God for the wisdom to listen to the direction He wants you to take towards defending our faith today and in the future (vs. 20).


How is today’s passage taught you how to live your life as a father and leader? PRAYER

Oh Lord, teach me the strategies of Nehemiah for the survival of my family, the Church and our country, in Jesus name, Amen.

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