ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 21st August, 2020


TEXT: PSALM 10: 1-18

It is natural to feel lonely when one is oppressed by another person or when one is facing an ugly situation, especially when there is no one to assist you. Sometimes one can easily give up under these circumstances.

Faced with such a great challenge, the Psalmist cried out to his God and complained that He should stand for him at his time of need. The Psalmist did not give up his trust in God. He began to narrate his ordeal and complain about the wicked.

He describes the wicked thus:

1. He is a proud persecutor who enjoys doing evil to the righteous.

2. He does not know God, neither does he respect Him. He does not believe in God's existence nor follow His ways.

3. He leaves at ease. He is very comfortable with his wicked ways. It is with all pleasure that he persecutes and oppresses the poor. His words are full of lies and curses to destroy the righteous and oppressed.

However, the Psalmist quickly discovers that God sees and pays back the wicked. He calls on His God to rise up and act. Thus, he acknowledges God as the only King that rules and defends His people and the oppressed.

Therefore, we should not give up, whatever circumstances we find ourselves. No matter how long our sufferings and persecution last, the Lord will act at His appropriate time.


Do you feel like giving up due to the present suffering?


Lord, help me to stand firm until Your appropriate time.

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