ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 23rd April, 2021


TEXT: 2 KINGS 5 : 15 - 27

The great General Naaman was humbled by the simplicity of the healing power of God and realized that the god of Aram was nothing compared to Yahweh!

However, rather than surrender to this great God, he thought he would impress Elisha with such extraordinary request to carry ordinary sand from Israel back to Aram!

The true worship of God is an issue of faith and worship in the Spirit and not the performance of human rituals.

Elisha rejected his gifts because he thought again that the healing he received was for sale.

God doesn't deal with us on the basis of what we offer. Gehazi thought his master was not fair to him when he rejected Naaman's gifts.

Greed so blinded Ghehazi's eyes that he don't realise that Naaman would feel satisfied, considering that he had paid for the healing. Second greed made Gehazi to lie to himself, Naaman and Elisha.

Finally, greed made him forget that God sees everything and knew Gehazi's motive for collecting those gifts from Naaman. We must resist greed wi