ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 24th July, 2020


TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 13: 1 – 23

Saul’s patience ran out when his armed forces were afraid of the vast and well-equipped army of the Philistines which was set to fight them. Some of his men ran away from the battlefield as a result of fear. Saul expected Prophet Samuel to come as planned but he delayed. And that made him offer the sacrifice which only the prophet was allowed to do.

Shortly after his act of disobedience, Samuel arrived and rebuked him for his pride, impatience, and lack of respect.

When facing difficult decisions, don't allow impatience to drive you to disobey God.

Be patient and trust in God because He can never fail.

QUESTION: What do you do when you are experiencing a delay?

PRAYER: No matter the difficult situation before me, please Lord give me the grace and faith to remain patient while waiting for Your intervention; Amen.

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