ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 24th September 2021

TOPIC: BEWARE OF THE DEVIL'S SEEDS TEXT: MATTHEW 13 : 24 - 30 The devil is always working to hinder God's plans for our lives. He comes in diverse ways to divert our attention from God by planting strange but enticing things inn our minds. This parable is the second one personally interpreted by Jesus and shows the desire of the farmer for a bountiful yield but is frustrated by another sower referred to as the enemy. The wheat and weeds are similar in the eyes of a novice but the experts understand the differences. The weeds were sown while men were sleeping but were allowed to grow together until the harvest when they would separated. It should be pointed out that the devil has sown weeds (evil attitudes or activities) in the world we live which will continue to live with us until God takes His people to glory. We must be sensitive to God's leading as we live with the weeds of the devil until God harvest us to His kingdom.

QUESTION Are you aware of the seeds of the devil in this world and the havoc they are causing? PRAYER Dear Father, please help me to continue in this race and help me avoid the entanglements of the devil in my life, in Jesus name, Amen.

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