ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 25th February, 2022


The Nigerian Male basketball team, D'Tigers, made history in 2021 as the first African team ever to beat the American Male Basketball team, ranked as number one in the world by FIBA. A few days after that, the D'Tigers of Nigeria also went on to beat Argentina, ranked fourth in the world by FIBA. The Nigerian team was coached by a volunteer coach, Mike Brown, an African American, who believed that if Nigeria could get it right, Africa could get it right and by extension every black person on earth. Even though the two matches were warm-up matches preparatory to Tokyo Olympics, the victories speak volumes and raised hopes. It was a result of hard work, discipline, perseverance and commitment. The Incorruptible Crown is awarded for tenacity. It is for those who are persistent and disciplined; those who never give up. Being persistent is not an easy thing to do for believers. You begin to pray for something and stop after a while. You begin the discipline of having time with God daily in His Word and after a while you get "busy" with other things and stop. You trust God to help you overcome a besetting habit and find yourself going back to it after a while. Those who live like that cannot get the Incorruptible Crown, according to our passage for today. They are said to be like a man who is running aimlessly or a man beating the air. Buckle up and strike towards the Crown! Shrug off every encumbrance and weight that seeks to draw you back. Only have your eyes fixed on the Crown.

QUESTION Are your eyes fixed on the crown? PRAYER Help me oh Lord, to shake off every barrier that weighs me down. Help me to aim at the Crown, Amen.

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