ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 26th March, 2021


TEXT: JOHN 16:25-33

Somehow, the disciples were beginning to understanding what Jesus was teaching them about His death and resurrection. However Jesus knew they were slow to grasp the full meaning of His earlier teaching, so he once again emphasized that they would soon be scattered on account of Him. A foreknowledge of an upcoming event is meant to reduce or take away anxiety and fear from the heart and boost confidence and courage. Jesus intended to achieve just that when he briefed the disciples about what lay ahead. He would be crucified and the thought of the torture and pain would make the disciples deny and desert Him. Note that Jesus emphasized that "in the world you [disciples-followers] will have trouble" These troubles are all the pressures Christians will face because of their relationship with Jesus Christ. But we are counselled to be courageous because He has triumphed through the resurrection, and we share in His triumph.


Is the cross you are called to bear heavy?


May the peace of God our Father keep our hearts and guard our minds in Christ Jesus, Amen.