ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 29th October 2021

TOPIC: THE POWER OF TRUST TEXT: PSALM 13:1-6 Trust is the ability to confide in, rely and depend on someone as a result of what the person means to the individual. The Psalmist has trusted God so much that in his moments of great need, he asks Him why He hides His face (Psalm 30:7; 44:24; 88:14). The Psalmist believes that without the presence of God, desperation cannot be averted. He expresses his feelings in such a way that readers can even sense that he has no helper. We sometimes go through similar situations in different ways. When that happens, we should plead with the one we trust (God) to look upon us with compassion and respond by igniting His light in us. That is the only way our enemies can be silenced and stopped from jubilating over our sorrows (verses 3-4). We trust in the Lord because His love is unfailing. He has blessed us with salvation which is evidenced by constant joy.


How have you been reminded to trust God today? PRAYER

Father, like the Psalmist, help me to still trust You even when I feel disconnected from Your presence, in Jesus name, Amen.

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