ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Friday 7th August, 2020


TEXT: MARK 9:30-41

When self takes control of one's life, he will definitely lose focus. His desire for self-interest places his interest above everyone's. This is noted in this passage (Mark 9:30-41).

It is quite disheartening that when the Lord was telling them this before His crucifixion, the disciples were busy disputing over leadership positions. The Lord deliberately asked them a question but they could not respond to it. However, Christ responded accordingly. He stated that the way up is down. That is, if one desires to go higher, he must come down. That is, humility is the way to progress. And the nature of a child is the true nature of humility.

Therefore, believers need to humble themselves before God without allowing any selfish interest. Remember that Christ has an assignment for every believer. We should humble ourselves so as to serve God with honesty.

QUESTION: Am I humble enough to be used by God?

PRAYER: Lord, create in me a humble spirit so that I can serve You faithfully.

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