ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 11th April, 2022

TOPIC: CELEBRATE JESUS TEXT: LUKE 19:28-40 When Jesus instructed His disciples to go and untie a donkey, they did so without the owner challenging them. He rode on the donkey and His disciples and followers decided to honour Him by dressing the donkey and throwing their garments on the road ahead of Him and they sang songs praising Him. This reminds us about Palm Sunday when Christians decorate their churches with palm fronds, singing songs of praise, dancing and rejoicing because Jesus Christ is the Messiah and, indeed, the Saviour of the world. Jesus wants us to sing songs of praise, dance, rejoice in Him and proclaim Him because He is our Lord and Saviour.

QUESTION Is there anything hindering you from celebrating Jesus? PRAYER Remove from my life, O Lord, anything that will not allow me celebrate You, Amen.

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