ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 11th January, 2021


TEXT: JOHN 13:1-11

The Lord Jesus was going by a divine time table. When the servant of God is in the will of God, He is immortal until His work is done. To teach humility, the Lord Jesus washed His disciples' feet. Peter was one sold out to the Lord. But given to extreme tendencies, he felt unworthy for the Lord to wash his feet and thus refused to allow Him to do it. However, when the Jesus said that unless Peter allowed him to wash his feet he would have no portion in Him, Peter requested a complete bathe.

If we were truly humble towards God and one another, there would be fewer problems in the body of Christ today. Also, when God "completely bathes us" in salvation, He brings about our union with Christ that is a settled relationship that never changes. However, our communion with Christ depends on our keeping ourselves "unspotted from the world (James 1:27). If we permit unconfessed sin in our lives, we hinder our walk with the Lord. And that is precisely when we need to have our feet to be washed by the Holy Spirit.


Do you need a bathe of salvation or for your feet to be washed from the sins you have fallen into?


Oh God, help me to be humble to confess and seek cleansing from all my sins, in Jesus name, Amen.