ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 11th October 2021

TOPIC: COST OF AN UNGODLY DECISION TEXT: MATTHEW 14 : 1 - 12 Jeremiah 17:9 states that the heart of man is so desperately wicked that even human beings hardly understand it. The heart can force someone into doing something which outcome continues to torment them. Herod, the tetrarch, imprisoned John the Baptist simply because he was unhappy with the unlawful marital affairs he was having with his late brother's wife, Herodias (vs. 4). Herodias daughter's performance at Herod's birthday led him into making an ungodly decision (vs. 6-8) which did not free him even when the deal was sealed (vs. 1-2). Herodias and her daughter would have enjoyed wonderful gifts from King Herod but the ungodly desires of their hearts resulted in their having only John's head on a platter.

QUESTION How do you react to those who stand against your ungodly choices? PRAYER Father, search my wicked heart and remove any desires that are similar to those of Herodias and her daughter, in Jesus name, Amen.