ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 14th February, 2022

TOPIC: WHEN LOVE DOES NOT RETURN TEXT: JOHN 3 : 16 - 20 In 1982, American songwriter and singer, Carole King released a song titled, Boomerang. She saw love as a boomerang, which comes back to you when you give it out. Sadly, King has been married four times - three of those ended in divorce, and the fourth one was also heading towards a divorce before her abusive husband suddenly died. Apparently, King's love never boomeranged. In our passage for today's devotion, we see God loving the world to the point of giving His Son. Unfortunately, the world has not loved God back in the measure He has loved it. Have you been in that situation where you love someone and give your all, but the person fails to love you back? May be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife that you have loved sincerely but your love just fails to return to you? Think how God feels after loving you so much but you constantly turn Him away. On this Valentine, as you think about love, think about God and His love for you and how you need to reciprocate it. Think about your human relationships where you have received love but have refused to give it back. Let the love you receive be returned!

QUESTION Have you given love and received it back? Have you received love and not given it back? PRAYER Dear God, thank You for loving me. Help me to love You back, Amen.