ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 1st March, 2021


TEXT: ACTS 28:1-10

Paul was on his way to Rome on account of his appeal (Acts 25) to Caesar through King Agrippa following failed attempts to assassinate him. Notice, however, that Paul had desired (Romans 1:8-12) to visit Rome in the course of his evangelistic campaigns. But when the opportunity came, he arrived in Rome as a prisoner. On this long-awaited dream-fulfilled journey, two incidents attempted to deny Paul this privilege: the shipwreck and the viper snake. Although Paul attempted to avert the shipwreck through offering wise counsel to the captain and his crew, they refused to listen. They suffered great loses from this disaster but God brought all of them safe to land. Having escaped this, a viper bit Paul's hand but he survived the deadly poison and ministered to the inhabitants of the Island of Malta. History has it that a church started there and lasted for over 400 years.

God has a plan for every believer and no force or power from outside can stop it. We must always submit to God's leading through His Holy Spirit, come what may.


Are you walking according to the plans God designed for your life or do you prefer your personal dreams and plans?


Sometimes I stumble, at other times I am confused about Your plans for my life, but