ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 20th September 2021

TOPIC: IN SEARCH OF MIRACLES? TEXT: MATTHEW 12:38-50 Today, the Church is obsessively hankering for miracles without much commitment towards studying the Word of God. Many people who claim to be called by God open prayer houses or ministries that are always advertising miracles on a daily basis. Sadly, some gullible Christians have fallen prey to such dubious men instead of trusting in the ability of God to solve their problems and meet their needs. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and teachers of the law by calling them a wicked and adulterous generation because they asked Him for miracles. While telling them to recall the miracles of Jonah and Queen of Sheba’s search for wisdom, Jesus declared that He is greater than both of them. It should be pointed out that the greatest miracle is our salvation in Christ and all other things are mere additions which God gives at His own time. Therefore, we must obey His Word and not brag about the perceived relationship we have with Him like his mother and brothers who came to Him in verses 46-50.


Are you seeking for miracles or a willing and obedient heart in your relationship with God? PRAYER

Father, I am sorry that I have traded obeying Your Word for miracles. Please forgive me and give me a willing heart to follow You at all times, in Jesus name, Amen.