ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 21st March, 2022

TOPIC: JESUS BEFORE THE HIGH PRIEST. TEXT: JOHN 18 : 12 - 27 Perhaps Jesus' appearance before Annas the father in-law of Caiaphas first was to give legitimacy to what was done since the law forbids one to be sentenced on the day his trial was held. Take note of the words of Caiaphas in verse 14. Perhaps John who happen to be called "another disciple, (vs. 15)" used his familiarity with Caiaphas to bring in Peter who later fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus that he would deny Him three times before a rooster crow. Jesus' response to Annas further gave evidence of His innocence when He said He has spoken openly to the world in Synagogues or temple and not in secret. He went further to demand for those who heard Him to testify if there was anything He said that was wrong.

QUESTION What stands out for you in today's passage? PRAYER Lord Jesus, cause that what I may say to others openly to bear witness that I am your child, Amen.