ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 23rd August 2021

TOPIC: THE KING HAS POWER OVER NATURE (III) TEXT: MATTHEW 9:1-8 The man who was brought to Christ was paralyzed and unable to move by himself. The sick man had faith that Christ has the power to heal him. And this faith earned him a double gain as the Lord commanded the forgiveness of the man’s sins and physical healing. Forgiving the man’s sins offended the Pharisees and chief scribes. But they should have considered His power to heal the physical body as a proof of His power to heal the spiritual being through forgiveness of sins. Therefore, believers should stand on that power to preach the forgiveness of sins and pray for physical healing. We should never doubt the Lord’s power to do both. It is quite unfortunate that many of us proclaim the Lord as the saviour of all who accept Him but pay little or no attention to His healing powers. Indeed, His ability to heal is proof of His power over the human body, soul and spirit.


Do you believe that our Lord has power over man’s spiritual and physical lives? PRAYER

Our Lord Jesus Christ, help me to understand and accept Your power over my total life.

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