ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 29th March, 2021


TEXT: JOHN 18:1-18

Jesus knew that the time for his crucifixion had come so He and the unsuspecting disciples went to an olive garden where He spent some time in prayer. It was a good place to rest and pray, away from the crowd. Judas knew that it would be the best place to betray Jesus to the soldiers without drawing unnecessary attention or violent reprisal from the crowd which had sympathy for Jesus. These soldiers came with weapons just to arrest one man who never showed signs of violence or rebellion to constituted authorities. His only crime was that His revolutionary teachings condemned the authorities but they were given an alternative that offered forgiveness and eternal life. Although the soldiers collapsed when Jesus replied that He was the one they were looking for, they still insisted on arresting Him. Peter attempted to defend his master with a sword but Jesus stopped him. The same Peter would later deny Jesus out of sheer fear. The fear of pain and torture can make you do the unexpected. See the irony: Jesus willingly submitted to be crucified but Peter denied Jesus in order to escape!


Jesus willingly surrendered Himself to His enemies for your sake. What can you surrender for His sake?


Every day we face trials and temptations which can make us deny You. Please, Jesus, help us to be strong so as not to deny You, like Peter did, Amen.

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