ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 2nd August 2021

TOPIC: CHRIST'S HUMILITY TEXT: MATTHEW 3: 13 - 17 Human kings are always above their subjects and have more privileges than ordinary men and women. But Christ, the divine and Heavenly King who came to save us, brought Himself to man's level so as to identify with us. Baptism was about the confession of sins and repentance but it was not necessary for Christ because He was sinless. Thus, vs. 13-15 clearly stated that when He was coming forward to be baptized, John the Baptist tried to stop Him because he believed that should baptize him and not the other way round. However, Christ insisted that He should be baptized to fulfill all righteousness. Church ministers and members should learn from Christ's humility by following due process while serving Christ.

QUESTION Are you humble enough to encourage fellow believers in the ministry? PRAYER Lord Jesus, help and lead me to humble myself so as to relate well with others in Your Church and ministry, in Jesus name, Amen.