ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 3rd January, 2022

TOPIC: GOD WILL ESTABLISH US TEXT:1 KINGS 2:1-12 Salvation is a free gift from God through Christ Jesus our Lord. However, our success and progress in life is premised on our continual obedience to God, with our children and descendants, just like God told King David before he died. The principle of reaping what you have sown, which King David applied in his final charge to Solomon regarding men like Joab, Barzillai and Shimei, runs through both old and new testament (Galatians 6:7-10). We should all be warned! But we do not need to be afraid at all because, just as God told King David, once we and our children and descendants watch how we live and walk faithfully before God with all our hearts and souls, God is faithful and, just as he would establish us and our descendants on this earth for his glory.


Are you, your children and descendants walking faithfully before God, with all your hearts and souls? PRAYER

Oh God, grant me, my children and my descendants the grace to walk faithfully before you with all our hearts and souls, in Jesus name, Amen.