ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 4th April, 2022

TOPIC: BE A SOURCE OF BLESSING TO OTHERS TEXT: ISAIAH 3:16-26 Ajuchi is concerned about the rate of employment in her country, and particularly in her community. So she goes out to scout for jobs for her people to be gainfully employed. Here, Isaiah informs us that the daughters of Zion preferred to flaunt God’s gifts and use them to please themselves rather than God. There are so many people in the Church today who are well blessed but instead of using their possessions to help others, particularly the less-privileged, they rather display their affluence in order to earn the praise of men rather than God’s. Where are the likes of Ajuchi in the Church today? How many people have you assisted?

QUESTION Does your lifestyle encourage others around you? PRAYER Lord, by Your grace and power, help me to be a source of blessing to others, Amen.