ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 5th April, 2021


TEXT: JOHN 20: 11 – 23

Mary Magdalene had the singular honour of being the first person to encounter Jesus after He resurrected and the privilege to announce to the disciples that He had risen.

A lot has been said about Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus.

The movie, ‘The Davinci Code’ even claims that she was married to Jesus and had a child for Him but the Church has hidden the so-called ‘truth’ from the world!

But a closer look at the gospels reveals that she chose to commit herself to the Lord Jesus who forgave her all her sins and accepted and recognized her worth even when the world wrote her off.

Why then would Jesus choose to reveal Himself first to her after His resurrection and not Peter or John?

Mary was deeply committed to her Master more than the others which pushed her to dare the authorities by rushing to the tomb first thing on Sunday morning.

The Lord is willing to engage with you and I to the extent that we are passionate to commit and surrender completely to Him.


Have you met Jesus as the resurrected Saviour and Lord of your life?


Thank You Jesus for revealing yourself to those who believe in You as Saviour and Lord of their lives, Amen.

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