ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 6th June, 2022

TOPIC: WORSHIP THE GREAT GOD TEXT: PSALMS 95:1-11 The Psalmist is giving us an invitation to worship, honor and adore the only great God. He said that we should sing and shout joyfully to Him, go to Him with thanksgiving and praise, for He is a great God and a great King above all gods. He made the mountains, the depths of the earth, the sea and the dry land. There’s just no god like Him! We are encouraged to worship Him, bow down, and kneel down before Him because He also watches over us. This is the time to go before the Lord bowing down or being in any position of your choice, worshipping Him.

QUESTION How often do you go before the Lord singing praises, worshipping, bowing down and kneeling down in adoration of Him? PRAYER Lord Jesus, please help me to always appreciate and honor You in every way I can, in Jesus name, Amen.

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