ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 7th December, 2020


TEXT: JOHN 2:1-11

The story of turning water into wine in our text today has become so familiar to people as it is Christ's first miracle. Although it was a miracle, it was a 'face-saving' measure from a big embarrassment to a close relation of Jesus who was celebrating his wedding. Jesus' mother was there and “both Jesus and His disciples were invited,” (vs.1-2). Roger L. Fredrikson observed that “This is the first time Jesus is identified in an intimate way with His disciples, and they would surely not have been invited as a group had they been total strangers.”

When the right person is given the right place in our lives, challenging and embarrassing situations are taken care of as it happened in the case of the wedding in Cana of Galilee. Had Jesus' mother not been there, the situation of wine running out would have brought shame and embarrassment. Although Jesus' mother knew Him well enough, she had to report the challenge facing the host of the wedding. She told Jesus and instructed the servants to do exactly what Jesus asked them to do, vs. 4. Jesus gave the best wine at last to the amazement of the master of the feast, (vs. 9-10).


Do you desire the best of life and victory over embarrassing situations of life?


I invite You into my life, Lord Jesus, as the best wine that gives eternal joy and saves from the devil's embarrassing situations, Amen.

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