ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 7th March, 2022

Updated: Mar 9

LOVING HUMAN GLORY TEXT: JOHN 12 : 37 - 50 Today' s passage is a challenge for those who were born and brought up in the Christian faith and yet still deny the Lordship of Jesus in their lives. The Lord Jesus God our parents trusted and were not disappointed, wants to heal us from the challenges we are going through in this life Unfortunately, many are choosing to e adamant for either fear of Islam or the vain glory that this world is offering. We already have the Light in Christ that can free us from darkness. We should not allow the pleasures of this world to blind us from understanding that God's Word is our judge on the last day vs. 48-49.

QUESTION After testing the power of Jesus, what is preventing the healing power of Christ in you? PRAYER I tested your fatherly care and protection under the care of my parents Lord. Save me from the vain glory and pleasures that the world is offering me, Amen.

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