ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 8th February, 2021


TEXT: ROMANS 4: 16-22

Hope has been defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Paul's use of Abraham to drive home the message of hope comes against the background of Abraham's body being "as good as dead" and his wife's womb also being "dead" (v 19). How were they to keep their hope of getting a son, Isaac, alive? The faith of Abraham in the promise of God brought hope beyond hopelessness Sarah became pregnant and Isaac was born! Nigeria recorded its greatest comebacks in football in 1989 when playing against the USSR. It was losing by 4 goals to nothing with only a few minutes to the end of the game before Nigeria equalized and went on to win the match! Many fans had turned off their TV sets but some kept their hope of a win beyond the hopeless reality they were witnessing That hope finally paid off. With Christ in charge, there is hope even in a seemingly hopeless situation. Your situation is not as bad as Abraham's. It may not even be as bad as that of Nigeria trailing by 4 goals. Keep faith

alive. As long as Christ is in you, there is hope!


How bad is your situation and how reassuring1s God's Word?


Take my eyes off the reality of my situation; Jocus them on the strength of Your Word, in Jesus name, Amen.