ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Monday 8th November 2021

TOPIC: CIRCUMCISE ME, OH GOD! TEXT: JEREMIAH 4 : 3 - 4 Circumcision is the painful process of cutting off the fore skin of a male child's genital after eight days of birth. In the Bible, circumcision is carried out to signify Abraham's covenant with God. Therefore, any stranger who wants to worship Yahweh the God of Israel must go through circumcision (Genesis 17:10). In this context, God desires that the Israelites circumcise or cut off sin from their lives. Verse 3 challenged them to get ready to break their unploughed ground (Hosea 10:12). God further called on them to circumcise their hearts through repentance, which is the true circumcision which is done to the inside (vs. 4. and Deuteronomy 10:16).

QUESTION If you have under gone internal circumcision, why is there still selfishness, malice?, gossip hatred, etc, in your life? PRAYER Dear Lord God, circumcise my heart from within and cut off every foreskin in my life that is not giving You praise, in Christ's name, Amen.

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