ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 12th December, 2020


TEXT: JOHN 4:1-26

Our passage for devotion today reveals three important truths about the person of Jesus in this encounter with a Samaritan woman. As part of Jesus' ministry of salvation, he initiated a discussion which was to remove a long animosity between the Jews and the Samaritans. The encounter was to break the barrier and 'holier than thou' attitude of the Jews towards the Samaritans, (vs. 7-14). “Will you give me a drink?” That was the question that triggered the encounter and the woman fell for it by responding based on the long biases she inherited towards the Jews (see 2King 17:6-41 for the history). She was shocked that Jesus even talked with her despite the racial prejudice (see vs. 9) but Jesus came to remove the prejudice and integrate all into one faith in Him. He made her realise that “Everyone who drinks from the well (she was proud they inherited from their father Jacob) will be thirsty again” but His own type of water is a living one, (vs.10-14). Jesus is that living water that everyone needs to drink from. Sin brings thirst to all men, if it is exposed and repented from, then man will begin to see God in the Spirit and worship Him in truth, (vs.19-26).


Are you thirsty for “the living water” which only Jesus, the remedy for sin, can give?


May the life-giving water cleanse me from sin and fill my soul as I keep worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth, Amen.