ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 18th September 2021

TOPIC: TRUSTING GOD UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES TEXT: MATTHEW 12 : 15 - 21 Jesus is the Servant chosen to perfect the lives of people in order to bring them into the safety of the kingdom of God. The Jewish leaders' plot to execute Him did not deter Him from undertaking His assignment on earth. He simply led to another place and continued ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, even when He told them not to disclose His identity. This was in fulfilment of the prophecy in Isaiah 42:1-4 which said that the Messiah would come to proclaim justice to the world and bring forgiveness to those who come to Him. Today, Christians must understand that threats to their lives can be opportunities for them to reach people in other locations. We must not always argue or quarrel with those threatening us but depend on God's leading to reach other places where the doors are open. This way, we would be following in the footsteps of our Lord which will, in turn, lead many to the kingdom of God.


What are your responses when people object to issues on which you know you are right? PRAYER

Help me, dear Lord, to follow Your leading whenever people oppose me over things You sent me to do, in Jesus name, Amen.

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