ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 19th March, 2022

TOPIC: JESUS PRAYED FOR THE CHURCH. TEXT: JOHN 17 : 20 - 26 Have you care to pay close attention to the way Jesus prayed for Himself, His disciples and the Church? The major concern of Jesus for the church is oneness. The word one is repeated three times in the passage. Lack of unity led to the collapsed of the early church with her headquarters in Africa (Alexandria) in Egypt. Unfortunately, the church is still not adhering to the prayer of Jesus. While we give room to ethnicity, tribalism, nepotism, denomination affiliation, etc., Jesus has already prayed for our unity. I imagine Christ still desiring to see the church trusting the Father for complete unity vs. 24. For this is the only way that the world will know that He is sent by the Father.

It is clear that when we do not promote unity in diversity, the world doubts the role Christ played for our salvation.

QUESTION How are you contributing towards the oneness in the body of Christ? PRAYER Daddy, forgive me for allowing the blood of relations to supersede the blood of oneness you shaded on the cross for the church, Amen.

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