ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 20th March, 2021


TEXT: ESTHER 6:14-7:10

The Hausa adage says, Kada ka haka ramin mugunta da zurfi (don't dig the pit of evil/wickedness too deep)! It means that whatever evil anyone is planning against another person, he should be careful because it could boomerang and catch up with the evil planner. Paul counselled the Roman Christians not to overcome evil by evil but by good because vengeance is the Lord's. Paul further asserted that the good you show to your enemy is actually heaping burning coals on his head. This was exactly what Esther did to Haman who hated the Jews so much. And because of his pride and arrogance, he eventually walked into the same trap he has set for Mordecai and the Jews. Today, the Church in Africa is taking a giant enemy who hates us so much that every day, we are hunted and killed in our own homeland and our land snatched from us. Our sin is simply that we profess faith in Christ and proclaim that we cannot bow before any demon-idol. Rather, we worship Jesus Christ who is the only way to the forgiveness of sins and eternal life.


For how long will the threats from the enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ stand between you and faith in Christ?


Jesus, because You know all about our struggles, Kindly enable us stand strong ln

faith, come what may, in Your name, Amen.