ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 22nd August, 2020


TEXT: JONAH 1:1-17

God's assignments and purposes are sometimes hard to understand by human reasoning. When one tries to bring God down to his level of reasoning, he will end up committing a grievous error. It is better to pray for the Lord may help you accept His will by faith than to seek to change it.

This fact can be seen in the life of Prophet Jonah who was sent to serve as a missionary in Nineveh. Through him, God planned to save the people of Nineveh, the worst enemies of Israel. The assignment was hard for Jonah to carry out because he did not see any reason why his enemies should be saved. His submission to God's will was too difficult for him to bear. Thus, he decided to take the direction of his choice (Tarshish). However, God dealt with him by making his journey very uncomfortable and impossible.

His disobedience caused great loss to the entire crew before they discovered the root cause of their suffering. It is quite unfortunate that Jonah remained stubborn until he saw that there was no way out. Then he confessed so as to receive pardon and freedom from the belly of the fish. However, he was even better than some of us who would never repent even after being chastised several times by the Almighty. Some even question God for the chastisements.

When one knows his hidden sinful life, he should confess like Jonah rather than blame God or the devil. God is always ready to forgive our disobedience if we confess. We shouldn't stubbornly remain where God does not want us to be and keep on praying for forgiveness.


Is there any hidden sin in your life?


Lord, forgi