ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 23rd April, 2022

TOPIC: ARE YOU A TRUE CHURCH LEADER? TEXT: TITUS 1:1-16 There are so many people in the Church who are corrupt, unbelieving, politically and business-minded, liars, thieves, morally bankrupt, etc., and parade themselves as church leaders. Apostle Paul said that a Church leader must live a blameless life, be faithful to his wife, train his children to be godly, be able to manage the Church very well, have control over his temperament, be honest with money, trustworthy, be able to teach the Word, etc. God is looking for believers who would honour Him by leading the Church on such a way that all and sundry would have the opportunity to worship Him in spirit and in truth and be happy and fulfilled.

QUESTION Do you see yourself as a true Church leader? PRAYER Oh Lord, help me to identify true leaders and also make me one. Amen.