ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 25th September 2021

TOPIC : MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR AREA OF INFLUENCE TEXT : MATTHEW 13: 31 – 35 In continuation of Jesus’ teachings using parables, He likened the kingdom of heaven to both a mustard seed and yeast. There could be other interpretations since Jesus did not directly interpret them Himself. But it must be noted that the parables could mean making an impact in the community one lives in the way the mustard tree provides a resting place for the birds of the air. Christians are advised to impact their communities by providing services in their areas of specialization as well as postively affect the lives of people so that they are saturated with the knowledge of God. He is waiting for the yeast that will make an impact and the mustard tree that will provide shelter.


How have you been impacting the lives of the people God brings your way? PRAYER

Please help me, dear Lord, to be like the mustard seed in my society and church to the glorify of your name, in Jesus name, Amen.

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