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The future often holds high hopes for people tilling their farms. No one begins farming just for fun. A good farmer is always serious whenever he decides to farm. And no farmer celebrates his unfruitful farm. Indeed, farmers always feel very sad and highly discouraged when their land yields nothing. Therefore, the selection of the song of the vineyard by the prophet was quite excellent because it could be understood by his listeners. Of course, his listeners, the people of Israel, were farmers.

The song of the vineyard shows the hard work and faithfulness of the farmer in the tilling of land. He did all that is needed by clearing all the stones and planting better vines. He then built a tower to fence the vineyard. But while he was expecting a bountiful harvest, the farm yielded undesirable wild grapes. All of his efforts became worthless. However, the prophet was not strictly talking about an actual farm.

The Israel which was planted by God, represents the vineyard, God's nation on earth. The people of Israel should be a righteous nation but failed God by yielding wild grapes or ungodly fruits. In verse 7, the prophet said that when God looked for justice, He beheld oppression, when he looked for righteousness, He heard a cry for help. Therefore, God pronounced His disciplinary measures on Israel. Thus He will demolish the wall of Israel and leave them without protection. He will not prune the vineyard and care for it again. Thus Israel would be wasted without protection or care. It would be open to attack.

As believers, we need to be fruitful vineyards and fulfill the purpose and importance of our choice to be the children of God. We must bear fruits that glorify God (John 15:1-8).


What type of fruits do you bear?


Lord, enable me to bear good fruits for Your glory.


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