ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 3rd July, 2021

TOPIC: GOD CLEARS JOB'S IGNORANCE TEXT: JOB 38:1-18 No doubt, Job went through excruciating physical and psychological pain when everything around him collapsed. However, in this passage, God decided to intervene not by answering his questions but by asking Job questions which he too could not answer. God used Job's ignorance of the earth's natural order to reveal his ignorance of God's mortal order. God made him realize that his own human understanding cannot make him know the workings of God's physical order.

Therefore, Job would find it difficult to know God's mind and character. And since no one knows the mind of God, our only option is to submit to His authority and trust Him.

QUESTION What type of questions do you ask God when things seem to go contrary to Your expectations? PRAYER Help me, dear Lord, to submit to Your authority and care even when I do not understand Your mind.

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