ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 4th September 2021

TOPIC: GOD IS ALWAYS PRESENT IN OUR CHALLENGES TEXT: 2 KINGS 18 : 19 - 37 There are times in our lives when God seems to be missing in action; times when we expect to hear or see Him at work but He appears to be absent. Such moments could be so frustrating that those who are not patient might start seeking for alternative solutions to the problems confronting them. Hezekiah had stood for the Lord but there was this challenge that came to him from the king of Assyria who threatened to humiliate and weaken the faith that the people of God had in their God. He even listed some nations whose gods were not able to deliver them from his hands. It is important to note that even when God seems to be quiet, He is never absent as He always rescues His people at the right moment. Continue to trust in Him and He will surely deliver you from your enemies.


How did you react the last time you faced a serious challenge and felt that God had abandoned you? PRAYER

Help me to always remember that you will never forsake me no matter the challenges that come my way, in Jesus name, Amen.

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