ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 5th March, 2022

TOPIC: SERVING THE MASTER TEXT: JOHN 12 : 12 - 26 The triumphal entry of Jesus in vs. 12-19 is a familiar story to the readers. What draws the attention of the commentator in this passage is the interest that our fellow Gentiles who were part of the Pentecost feast approached Philip for a permission to see Jesus. Interestingly the name Philip was a common Gentile name that means "Lovers of Horses" Jesus knew that the Gentiles were part of the feast and it was time to give way for the arrival of God the Holy Spirit vs. 23. Jesus gave the reason for His departure which applies to you and life desire spiritual reproduction in vs. 24. We need to hate what this life presents to us and go for eternal things that lasts vs. 25. It is only when our eyes are focused on eternal values that we will truly say we are serving the Master and expects His honor vs. 26.

QUESTION How will you die to self for spiritual reproduction? PRAYER Father, You have reminded me today that serving You means dying to self to be able to reproduce myself in others. Held me to do just that today. Amen.

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