ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 6th March, 2021


TEXT: 1 KINGS 17:17-24

The widow of Zarephath submitted totally to the will of God when Elijah came within what many would have considered a selfish request. How could a servant of God insist that his food be prepared first in spite of the scarcity of flour? Because she noticed that Elijah was a man of God, she obeyed and left the consequences to God. This heroic act of faith resulted in a rare miracle. The flour and oil never finished throughout the three and half years of famine. Why then did God allow her son to die? Jesus disciples wanted to know why someone was born blind, whether he sinned or his parents sinned (John 9:1-5). Jesus' response described very clearly why the widow's son suddenly took ill and then stopped breathing Elijah prayed and God returned the boy back to life. By this, his ministry was further authenticated as coming from the One who owns Israel and is the giver of life. That also returned the hearts of the people back to God which further glorified Him. Your present difficulties are meant to glorify God, so stop complaining.


When you face difficulties and problems in life, what do you do and to whom do

you turn for help?


I surrender all troubles l am going through now and whatever I have passed through in the past to You and for Your glory. Accept these as an act of my worship to You, in Jesus name, Amen.

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