ECWA FOOD FOR THE DAY - Saturday 9th July, 2022


TEXT: 1 CORINTHIANS 12 : 27 - 31

It has been clearly taught that the Church is the body of Christ (vs. 12, 27) with many members. And since the Church has a mandate in Matthew 28:19, 20, the Holy Spirit gave gifts to the Church for the effective performance of the mandate. The Church belongs to Christ and not individuals. So each member gifted by the same Spirit shall be accountable to Him regarding how he uses the particular gift graciously bestowed (vs. 28-30).

It should be noted that the gifts, though different, are from the same Spirit (vs. 4-6, 13) and are meant to serve the body for a healthy living. The members are not given the same gifts and no one member has all the gifts (see vs. 28, 29). Hence, all kinds of 'services or ministries' which members offer are equally necessary and important (vs. 5). No one gift is more important to the Church than the other.

However, "the three ministries" mentioned in vs. 28 (apostle' 'prophet' and 'teacher) come before the others simply because they existed before the others. The church in Corinth had to be built up first (John Hargreaves 1978, 1991, 167). That doesn't make other spiritual gifts inferior as they are all meant to serve different purposes for the edification of the whole body.


How much do you appreciate and use God's gifts to serve Christ and edify His body?


Let me always appreciate the gift of God in me and use it for His glory alone, in Jesus name, Amen.

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